Spring HS Itinerary

Click the link for the itinerary! http://dhsgatorband.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/US-BANDS-Itinerary-Spring-HS.docx

Contest Itinerary

Band Hall Dickinson High School 281-BeO-nTIME 1-800-GO-GATORS Dhsgatorband.com Dickinson Gator Band Fax To: Your Brain From: The Band Directors Fax: 1-800-REM-EMBER Pages: 1 Phone: Phone Number Date September 20, 2017 Re: Show up with ready to do your BEST cc: YOUR...

Check out our new video in the marching files section!

Football Game recording

Dickinson High School vs Texas City Go to Marching Files and use password to gain access! Only share with friends and family!

Welcome Back and announcements for the week

Turn in Fine Arts Conduct to Mr. Pruitt (available in the forms section). Blue Books will be handed out in class UIL is allowing us to work extra because of weeks missed during the hurricane.  For the next two weeks the schedule is as follows. Monday 6:00-8:30 Tuesday...

Huricane voluntary rehearsal

Throughout history, the local bands have been called upon in times of tragedy to help rally the community and boost morale. Our community has certainly taken a hit, but our spirit will not be broken. Many of you have been working hard to repair the damage to your...